Five Gobblers-Five Different Directions

By Flying B Guide Arby Shown

The first evening of our recent turkey hunting adventure, Chris Winter and I sought out to locate “Tom” gobbler and put him to bed aka see where he flies up to roost. We found a nice long beard with five hens and one jake.

We set out the next morning on our turkey hunting adventure while it was still dark. We set up within 150 yards of the roosted birds. By 4:30 a.m. the turkeys began to wake up the woods with their gobbling. About forty-five minutes later we started calling to the turkeys and realized that more gobblers had come in from somewhere during the night.

Five turkeys from three different directions were gobbling at us. We had to decide which direction to set up by deciding which turkey would come in first. A problem any turkey hunter would like to have!

At 5:40 a.m. the one from below us and down the ridge came up quickly. He circled within ten feet of us right between Chris and me. Chris couldn’t shoot because I was in the way so he opted to let the turkey pass me until he had an open shot. The opportunity showed itself and “BANG!” He shot the bird at close to 22 yards.

We had our turkey down shortly after we set up.

Two other long beards came in and started gobbling for about a half an hour while we took photos of Chris’ bird. A nice three year old with an eight inch beard and three quarter inch spurs. Not bad for a day’s work in the outdoors!

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