Leave it for Someone Else?
Acting upon our Sense of Duty
by Joseph N. Peterson

“We bagged a limit of memories and even a few birds. With the excitement the kids picked up at the Flying B,
I'm sure we will soon see our passport hunters in a formal Hunter Education class.”
George F., Grangeville, ID

Gratitude, responsibility and duty are principles where it is easy to grasp the concept, to mentally accent to the idea, but putting tennis shoes on such simple thoughts causes many people to recoil in horror.

The exclamation accompanying the recoil is most commonly deflecting the need for action to some government entity as though this policy of depending on the federal government is the final word for action in our communities. I happen to think that outside of national defense and basic transportation infrastructure, local governing bodies and private citizens will provide a more efficient, cost effective and higher quality service to those people needing a little help.

A Sense of Duty, Honor and Gratitude

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we many times host veterans here at the ranch. These men and women have placed their lives on the line directly on our behalf. Many have paid a price so high they are no longer around to even say thank you to them. Others have been severely wounded on our behalf and will need our help for many years to come. It is with a strong sense of honor that we give them a chance for them and their families to enjoy the outdoors with us.

Responsibility to the Hunting Community

Our responsibility to the hunting community is wide in scope. We make donations to conservation organizations with a goal of influencing the future of our chosen outdoor lifestyle in big picture ways. Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club both fund world wide conservation projects, defend our rights to hunt before political entities and promote expansion of our participating adherents.

We make donations to local conservation groups who promote our interests closer to home. These organizations promote youth participation, educate community members to our activities, provide funding to outdoor access portals and mentor budding outdoorsmen. We also host events ourselves promoting hunter mentoring and recruitment.

Commitment to the Community

We have a duty to the community as a business and employer as well. We...

  • Work with local organizations to support the Clearwater Valley Rodeo Association, the county 4H clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, and Community Action groups,
  • Grant reduced rates and free access to our facilities for local groups,
  • Provide quality employment to our team members,
  • Donate items and services to local schools, health providers and other community help entities.

Now we cannot provide donations and help to everyone who asks or we would not maintain a viable business and everyone would lose in the long run. But to the extent we can, we will continue to step up with actions to show just how strongly we believe in gratitude, responsibility and duty.

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