Reaching Out to the Youth Through Wildlife Conservation

by Flying B Ranch

Having a blast at the Flying B Ranch

Having a blast at the Flying B Ranch

Having a blast at the Flying B Ranch

Having the opportunity to assist Idaho Fish and Game as they encourage future generations of hunters is always a rewarding experience for us at the Flying B. This opportunity presented itself once again this year during the last week of March.

Supervising Conservation Officer George Fischer and crew held their annual Allstar Youth Hunt at the Flying B Ranch. It was a great success. Twenty of their top students from several nearby towns participated. Proud parents and grandparents were supportive observers for the day.

“The weather, kids, dogs, and pheasants behaved perfectly,” reported Officer Fischer. With over twenty pheasants and a few chukars bagged, the novice hunters couldn’t have asked for a better day.

The day began with a quick refresher course in hunting safety followed by dog pointing and hunting demonstrations. Next the Allstar group shot two stations of sporting clays at our 10-station sporting clays course. The group then split into two hunting parties each accompanied by Flying B wingshooting guides and Flying B bird dogs.

Fish and Game took advantage of an opportunity to instill a spirit of always leaving a place better than it was found. They ended the day with a contest to see who could pick up the most spent shells. The winner, with 104 spent shells in her bag, was awarded a knife. The Allstar group picked up around 1,000 spent shells in all.

The words of Officer Fischer summed up the day well: “The hunting was great, memories and smiles harvested were priceless!! The kids and Fish and Game folks are so appreciative of the Flying B’s incredible generosity. We are building a great foundation in the future of wildlife conservation.”

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