The Outdoor Experience:
Keeping Traditions Alive
by Joseph N. Peterson

Still shot of a 1918  movie set filmed at present day Flying B Ranch.
The NezPerce tribe set this camp for use as a set.

In early May 1806, the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery descended from the snow-covered prairie around Lawyer’s Canyon to the camp of Chief Broken Arm. The chief was flying the flag given him the fall before by Captain Lewis - the fifteen-star flag of the United States of America.

The unique property we have been the caretaker of for thirty years has been the destination of explorers, outdoorsmen and adventurers for many generations.

The Flying B Ranch holds that tradition by managing its 5,000 acres of Lawyer's Canyon solely for wildlife and outdoor recreation. Our 14,000-square-foot lodge - with great room, lounge, pro shop, and private single occupancy rooms - may be a little more comfortable than Chief Broken Arm’s long house, but our pursuit of upland game, salmon, steelhead, and big game has remained the same, which is one of our priorities.

The ruffed grouse, blue grouse, and valley quail are native, and the successful introduction of Hungarian partridge, chukar partridge, and ringneck pheasant to the Northwest several generations ago gives us a wide variety of game to pursue.

Chief Broken Arm gave the Corps of Discovery a horse to eat when Lewis and Clark camped on what is now the Flying B Ranch, but our hospitality is quite a bit better these days. Our packages include airport shuttles, upland game and fishing licenses, all beverages in the field and at the lodge, all shells, guns if needed, bird cleaning, and even shipping your game to your home via next day air.

That tradition of hospitality and emphasis on the outdoor experience is alive and well at the Flying B Ranch.

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