Mule Deer Hunt for a Wounded Warrior
by Jeremi Syron

Afghanistan Vet Hunting Deer at Flying B Ranch

On the arrival day we met at the Flying B and drove up to the top to spot deer in the fields.

Joseph had called all the neighboring landowners for permission to hunt their properties and they had all said yes. We saw a lot of deer at first light in the farm fields and spotted a 4X4 bedded down in a good position to stalk.

We drove around Suzie Creek and headed out the edge of the field. We closed to about 80 yards and we could see just the tops of the antlers through the tall grass and the deer was looking our direction.

Needing to get a few steps closer, we were hoping when the deer stood up he would present a shot, but in one motion he jumped up and took off running all the way to the bottom of the canyon. When we went to the edge of the canyon trying to find the deer again, we spotted a different buck bedded under a single rose bush in the middle of a field.

Driving back around the canyon we stalked to within 286 yards of the bedded buck and waited 2 hours for the buck to stand up. When he stood up Mark took his time and shot; the deer did not move. Mark shot two more times and the deer did not lift his head from feeding. Mark was out of bullets, so he sent Arielle back to the truck for more bullets, discussing where the bullets were hitting since they looked very high, we did not want to take a chance of wounding the deer.

We decided to take the chance to drive back to the ranch to shoot the rifle and know where it was hitting. 2 ½ hours later the deer was bedded in the same spot!

We stalked to the same location and waiting for only 10 minutes the deer stood up to feed again and Mark made a great shot.

After pictures, Arielle was very excited to learn how to field dress the buck. I only helped to hold the legs and offered a few suggestions during the process; she did a great job.

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