German Shorthairs, English Pointers, and Labrador Retrievers--
Hunting Dogs are the Pride and Joy of the Flying B Ranch

Hunting Guide and Dog

The Flying B Ranch is proud to offer only the best hunting dogs for your hunt and currently kennels a variety of pointers with nationally recognized lineage.

Our German Shorthair Pointer line boasts seven-time National Champion and Hall of Fame inductee, Ehrlicher Abe.

Our Elhew-bred English Pointers, several of which are direct descendants of National Champion Elhew Snakefoot, are what we believe to be the finest shooting dogs available.

Our kennels have around 60 residents at any given time: puppies, mothers, working dogs, retirees and visitors.

At the Flying B you’ll enjoy luxury hunting and fishing while we handle everything, allowing you to savor the trip-of-a-lifetime you deserve.

We’ll take care of your licenses and have guns & hunting dogs ready for your use. All we require of you is to show up ready to hunt.

The combination of extraordinary natural beauty, knowledgeable hunting guides, an abundance of wild game, and the best dogs you will ever hunt over make the Flying B Ranch your top choice as an outdoor hunting and fishing destination.

Labrador Retriever
Hunting Dogs Cooling Off
Ridgelines at Flying B Ranch

Upland Game Hunting with Bird Dogs

As a hunter, partnering in the field with the Flying B Ranch German Shorthair and English Pointing dogs will give you insight in the true essence of upland hunting.

Seeing the honesty, determined desire and single purpose of a well-bred upland dog adds pleasure to life far beyond your time afield.

Upland Hunting with Labrador Retrievers

You will also partner with Labrador Retrievers in the field.  Often paired with pointing breeds in the uplands, some hunters like Labs to do the flushing and retrieving after pointers have located birds.

Easy going, biddable, upbeat personalities, and a strong all-around hunter, Labs are a joy to work with in the field.

The Flying B Ranch also welcomes wingshooters to bring personal gun dogs. Kennel facilities are available and dogs are allowed to room with you.

Big Game Hunting with Hound Dogs

The sound of hound dogs when on the scent of a lion and the opportunity to look face-to-face with this illusive cat is something every hunter should experience!  

For big game hunters, we have well trained hunting hounds that include Bluetick and Walker Hounds.

Read about big game hunting at Flying B Ranch...

Dogs for Sale

Our elite training program produces some of the finest dogs available. We have started bird dogs for sale! Click the links below to see if we have any puppies currently looking for a new home.

Sorry No Dogs are Currently For Sale.

Check back soon!

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