Experience an Exciting Scenic Airborne Adventure
With Our Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours Provided by Kiwi Air

An exciting way to see the beauty of Idaho’s majestic rivers and deep canyons is from the vantage point of a helicopter where you’ll have unforgettable views.

Whether your interest is natural views or a historic tour, flying in a helicopter is a unique opportunity.  Make a helicopter tour a part of your adventure at the Flying B Ranch.

These tours are just one more reason why we are North America's Most Versatile Hunting Lodge! 

We have partnered with Kiwi Air because of their fast, versatile, and extremely safe air transport services.

Pilot Mark Stanton is not only a long time distinguished pilot but he is also one of the regions top helicopter mechanics making their helicopters the safest in the air. 

Using a clean and comfortable Raven 44 Heli, we can shuttle you to and from a variety of airports--or customize your hunting & fishing trip with scenic and historical tours.

Helicopter Landing at Flying B Ranch
Arial View of Flying B Lodge
Raven 44 Heli

Prompt & Exhilarating Airport Shuttles

Take to the skies and enjoy a scenic trip from the airport.  Get a birds-eye-view of the ranch; arrive quickly and in style with a helicopter shuttle.

Our helicopter can pick you up at any regional airport.  

Shuttles are available from Lewiston and Boise, ID as well as Spokane and Walla Walla, WA.

Enjoy a half hour helicopter ride from the Lewiston airport plus a 30 minute birds-eye-view tour of historic Lawyer’s Canyon and the Flying B Ranch.

Having a Hard Time Finding Flights?

To download a pdf file that lists commercial airports and pricing for shuttling you to our ranch, click here...

View Stunning Terrain on our Scenic Hells Canyon Tours

The deepest gorge in North America, deeper than the Grand Canyon, is just west of the ranch.

Layer upon layer of exposed basalt rock stretches horizontally throughout the hundreds of thousands of acres of harsh yet visually stunning terrain. A geological heaven at which to marvel, this is Hells Canyon.  

The best way to get the most advantageous perspective is through a helicopter tour!   

Tales that Need Telling--
Historic Tours

Lewis and Clark traveled through the Flying B Ranch property during their expedition to explore the new lands of the United States after the Louisiana Purchase.

They went west through our hunting area in September of 1805 and back east through the ranch in May and June of 1806.

The rich history that lies in our canyon and surrounding areas is best experienced from our helicopter whether you choose to go up for just a few hours or rent it for the day.  

Stories of discovery, loss, sadness, joy, controversy, reason, war and peace, will challenge, entertain, and reward you.

These tales deserve to be told and we are eager to share them with you.

Cost Efficient

Our Raven 44 is one of the most cost efficient helicopters at just $480 per hour.   

If desired, split that three ways with other passengers and its just $160 per hour!  

Contact us today to plan your next customized outdoor vacation!

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