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"Consistently great! Excellent accommodations and great staff.
I always feel at home every time I have been there!"
-Kenny L.

Float the Clearwater River in a drift boat for trophy steelhead or wade Osprey Creek for native cutthroat.

Flying B Ranch fishing guides are skillful fishermen who are as happy instructing a beginner as an expert.  

From spin tackle to traditional fly rod and spey rod equipment, our guides will have you hooking into a memorable fishing experience.

If you would like to introduce a young child to fishing, our guides are eager to instruct your child, freeing you to enjoy fishing with them rather than tending to their fishing needs.

A typical day of river fishing starts out with a hearty breakfast at the lodge followed by a short drive to one of many boat launches.

Drift boats and jet boats allow us to cover more fishable river water.  Once on the water, our guides will take you to the best fishing holes the Clearwater River has to offer.

Once you experience “the hook,” “the fight,”and “the landing,” you will never forget the experience!

Endorsed by Orvis for Fly-fishing & Wingshooting, Our Lodge Offers the Following Fishing Trips...

Cast and Blast

Enjoy trophy steelhead fishing paired with our world-class wingshooting.  Combine two days of wingshooting with one day of steelhead or smallmouth bass fishing.

Steelhead Fishing

With our lodge only five minutes away from the Clearwater River, you’ll get numerous opportunities with over seventy miles of this pristine water to hook into world-renowned Clearwater River Steelhead.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Enjoy fishing with one of our fishing guides on the beautiful Clearwater River during the long days of summer and into early fall for native smallmouth.

Children under the age of 19 are half price with a full paying adult.

Backcountry Fly-Fishing

Central Idaho is one of the last strongholds of the West-slope Cutthroat trout that is pursued from our lodge and from our deluxe backcountry camps.

Click here to read more about Fly Fishing the Idaho Backcountry with the Flying B Ranch...

Fly-Fishing School

As a Fly-Fishing package option, plan for one day at our Fly-Fishing School. 

Whether you are a novice angler or simply would like to learn new techniques, our Fly-Fishing School is the best place to start your fishing trip.

Our Fly-Fishing School is also available as a outdoor recreation getaway activity.

Rainbow Trout Pond Fishing

Pond fishing for trophy Rainbow Trout on your own is available with provided gear. This activity takes place a stones-throw away from our lodge.

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Premier Orvis Endorsed Idaho Fishing Lodge

Enjoying the rustic charm of our lodge and the gourmet meals that will include, if desired, your day’s catch that add to the overall appeal of the Flying B Ranch.

Even in the backcountry you will be impressed with our deluxe accommodations.

Step out to experience the wildside of Idaho as we welcome you to the Flying B Ranch!

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