Fishing Equipment List for Your
Osprey Creek Backcountry Flyfishing Trip to the Flying B Ranch

To prepare you for your upcoming trip we have assembled a fishing equipment list. We recommend you bring all of the following items with you; the nylon pants are optional.

  • Long underwear useful for sleepwear and camp wear
  • T-shirts (at least two in case one gets wet)
  • Long sleeve shirt for protection from sun and bugs
  • Sweatshirt or fleece pullover for cool evenings and mornings
  • Pants-one pair of jeans for camp and trail riding
  • One pair of quick-drying nylon pants
  • Shorts for camp use and wet wading
  • Socks for camp use
  • Footwear for camp such as sneakers or hiking shoes
  • Baseball or full-brimmed hat for maximum sun protection
  • Lightweight rain jacket is ideal; rain pants are optional
  • Personal toiletries

Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Tackle & Wading Gear

Our guides can provide all of the following items for guests new to fly-fishing.

  • 6-8ft, 0-4wt rod (we have 8½ ft, 4wt’s at the ranch for your use)
  • Fly fishing reel
  • Floating fly line (preferred)
  • 7.5ft, 4 or 5x terminal diameter leader
  • One spool of 3, 4 and 5x diameter tippet
  • Flies-attractor dries (i.e. Yellow or Orange Stimulator, Yellow Humpy, Madam-X, Royal Wulf and virtually any hair and hackle concoction that floats!)
  • Size 8-12 dry flies; size 14 nymphs (later in season)
  • Wading shoes-felt soles; with or without studs
  • Neoprene shoes with integral gravel guards

To download a printable version of this list, click here...

Osprey Creek is a scenic and productive shallow-water fishery averaging two feet in depth although there are pools as deep as eight feet.

With daytime temperatures exceeding 80°, wet wading is the norm. Waders are not necessary.

If you have your own felt soled wading shoes, with or without studs, please bring them. Wading shoes are a must and should be worn with neoprene wading socks for maximum comfort.

From our Osprey Creek Camp evening temperatures can drop into the lower 40s so light and packable insulating layers of clothing are recommended.

These will primarily be worn in camp, although getting on the water at daybreak can also be a chilly, “bracing” experience.

We look forward to your visit!

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