Carry an Energy Bar and Other
Snacks when Hunting and Fishing - Just in Case
by Joseph N. Peterson

The Flying B Ranch will always have a good fresh field lunch for you when the occasion arises- fishing on the river from drift boats, stream side lunch while fishing for cut throats in the backcountry and of course for big game hunts in the mountains, but it is always a good idea to carry a little extra.

I carry two things on a "just in case" basis plus a little extra food.

    1. The first thing is some type of energy bar. I have used Power Bars, Clif Bar and several other of these types but I do like the best- compact and almost indestructible rolling around in the bottom of my pack.

    2. The second thing is some type of to prevent undo cramping. Once again Power Bar makes some but so do others.
Besides these two must-have items, extra food doesn't need to be anything special but something you can forget about in the bottom of your pack without it becoming a mold specimen. I normally have a couple of those small Costco nut packages - and

Here is a typical scenario when an energy bar and other snacks come in handy.

A few years ago during the month of December I turned a hound (old Joe) loose on a fresh cougar track about 8:30 AM. The cat went through quite a bit of rough country before we jumped it. When Joe was pressuring it, the darn thing went through some very steep cliffs through which Joe could not follow.

By the time I caught up with the tree barking Joe, the cat had another hour and a half head start on us. I thought we had him when Joe barked tree again but this time the cat had circled twice through some blowdowns and then ran a log giving Joe the slip again. This thing was acting like a bobcat.

It was very late in the day by now and I was a long way from the road so this time I caught Joe up and headed out. It was close to dark and my legs were cramping badly enough I wasn't sure I was going to make it out that night. While traveling along, I normally keep in the back of my mind the weather, firewood and shelter- places I have passed that day or places I have remembered from the past.

As I came up to a big rock overhang just off the creek bottom my legs were cramping badly, I was soaked through to the skin and I still had a couple miles to go in the 2' plus deep snow. I decided to take a break here and see if I could get my body working again.

I ate my "carried for this purpose" energy bar and drank a fresh mix of Power Bar electrolyte replacer. I took another 10 minutes to eat a package of peanuts. Although now it was black dark on a cloud covered night, I was a new man in these 15 minutes. I was able to now get the required distance covered in about an hour with no trouble. That little break with the right food gave me what was needed to get what I needed done. 

The next day we did catch the cat. He had killed a cow elk very early in the morning so his belly was full and his acrobatics of the day before were done.

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