Wingshooting at its Finest
Bird Hunting at Flying B Ranch

"The Flying B Ranch provides the best wingshooting experiences I have ever been on
from the guides to the dogs, the lodging & food. A
ll around  a first class trip."
-Guest from Boise, ID

Experience Bird Hunting
Like Never Before

The combination of...

...make the Flying B Ranch your top choice as a discerning wingshooter.

Several species of upland game birds flourish in Lawyer’s Canyon, home to the Flying B Ranch, an Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Lodge.

Blue and Ruffed Grouse--
Some of the Most Sporting Game Birds in the World

Blue and ruffed grouse thrive in the mountain ranges surrounding the ranch giving you a chance to fill your bird vest with plenty of shooting.

Five Species of Upland Game Birds To Hunt with no Bag Limits


Enjoy abundant pheasant hunting on our native grass upland pastures or the valley floor of Lawyer's Canyon and then complete your upland experience at our spectacular 14,000 square foot pheasant hunting lodge...

Hungarian Partridge

Fill your bag with Huns; fast runners and fast fliers that give even the most experienced wingshooter a challenge. Enjoy bird hunting surrounded by first class accommodations complete with expert guides and top notch pointing and flushing dogs.


Test your skills on our ridge lines overlooking Lawyer Canyon for the challenging upland Chukar; the favorite target of upland hunting enthusiasts.


Let us transform your quail hunting experience into an ultimate wingshooting adventure.

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Don't Leave Anyone Behind

The dogs at the Flying B Ranch are some of the finest shooting dogs available.

However, kennels are available for your personal hunting dogs if you would like to bring them. He’ll be treated like one of our own during his stay in our clean, well maintained kennels.

Our elite training program produces some of the finest dogs available. Read more to discover our guide’s  tips on whelping puppies and training dogs.

Sophie may not be a German Shorthair but this plump Brittany proves that one needn’t be in order to outperform modern state-of-the-art bird dogs. Read this hunter's story about Sophie and her kennel mate June...

House Guns

There is no need to deal with the risk and hassle of shipping your firearm or wasting space in your luggage for ammunition.

All shells are included and our house guns are available for your use.

Weatherby's semiauto 28 performed very well on this wingshooting trip - so well in fact that the hunters forgot that they were using smaller guns. Read the complete shotgun review here...

Completely Satisfying

Each outing is a personalized experience providing plenty of upland wingshooting with no bag limits. Experience for yourself how pleasurable wingshooting can be when majestic surroundings and impressive accommodations intermingle with excellent bird dogs and expert hunting guides. Enjoy the best upland wingshooting in North America.

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