Bird Hunting Gear List
For your Wingshooting Trip to The Flying B Ranch

To prepare you for your upcoming trip we have assembled a bird hunting gear list. Follow the links to find and purchase our guides' recommended product.

If you prefer not to bring your own gun and dogs, as an Orvis endorsed wingshooting lodge, you may rely entirely on the Flying B Ranch to provide bird dogs, shotguns and shells.


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Shotguns for Wingshooting

Most hunters at the Flying B Ranch prefer 12 or 20 gauge shotguns while some shoot 16, 28 or .410 bore. If you have a single barrel shotgun, improved cylinder is your best choice.

If you are shooting a double gun, skeet/improved or improved/modified cylinders are the most productive configurations.

Autoloaders and pump guns must be plugged so they do not hold more than three shells including one in the chamber.

Commercial airlines require guns to be checked in a hard case. Our vehicles are equipped with cases for your guns during your hunt.

Firearm Ammunition

We stock 12 and 20 gauge shells in 6 and 7½ shot.

We also have 28, 16 and .410 gauges.

Feel free to bring your own shells, but please bring nothing larger than 6 shot and heavy magnum loads are not necessary.

Upland bird hunting at the Flying B Ranch is done over pointing dogs so 7½ shot is the most practical.

Target loads are provided for the sporting clays range.

Pack Quality Comfortable Boots

The terrain here in Lawyer’s Canyon varies from steep canyon walls to flat creek bottoms. Much of the hunt area is very rocky and good quality, comfortable boots are a must.

Waterproof footwear is recommended for wet conditions and the occasional creek crossing.

Clothing...What to Pack

Weather can range from chilly mornings to hot afternoons. Plan to dress in layers for the most comfortable hunting experience.

Recommended bird hunting gear clothing and accessories include:

The atmosphere at the ranch is relaxed; casual dress is quite acceptable.  Don’t forget swimwear for relaxing in the hot tub or sauna.

Gear Recommendation

"Hunting in the West’s arid country demands thorn protection. Montana's Buffalo Berry's, Idaho's thistles, eastern Oregon's Hawthorns, desert cactus and on and on it goes. Orvis' Missouri Breaks Briar Pants will also keep you dry in the fall rain and morning dew. I even wear mine while on horseback packing elk out of the mountains."
- Joseph N. Peterson

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We look forward to your visit!

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